In scope of the project TÜMİKOM report on the "Openness and Transparency in Turkey Parliament, Civic Engagement in Legislative Processes: " written n Turkish and English; also, Serbia, Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey share a common reports.

Effective mechanisms and practices for fighting corruption in the Black Sea Region: lessons learnt and further steps for Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey and Georgia



Report of TUMIKOM About the "Ten Promises"

The Ten Question of TUMIKOM to the Parties and Their Answers >


Our Suggestions to T.G.N.A. Democracy Committee >>>

TUMIKOM is a part of World Democracy Movement >>>

T5th Monitoring Report of TUMIKOM has been Announced

5th Monitoring Report of TUMIKOM covering 23 Term 1st and 2nd Legislative Years was announced on February 25, 2009 in Ankara. To see the details click 5th Report and to see the MPs activities in details please click 23. Monitoring Report (in Province Alphabetical Order) and 23. Monitoring Report (in MPs Name Alphabetical Order)

Black Sea Countries Monitoring Group Meeting was held In Romania

Black Sea countries parliamentary monitoring group meeting held in capital of Romania, Bucharest between 10-11 October. The meeting organized by IPP (Institul
Report of the Meeting >>>

TUMIKOM was visited by Jordanes Group

On 7 October 2008 the group from Jordan, named Hazma ALSOU'D, Moh'd SHAMMA and Sawsan ZAIDEH visited TUMIKOM.

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TUMIKOM is in CIVICUS E-Bulletin

In the last issue of CIVICUS bulletin, TUMIKOM is introduced to the other members of CIVICUS. TUMIKOM is also a member of CIVICUS and the general coordinator of TUMIKOM is one of the delegate of the organization.
TUMIKOM in CIVICUS E-Bulletin >>>

TUMIKOM attended to conference in Paris organized by UN-DPI

TUMIKOM General Coordinator Mr. Durna was invited and then attended to an international conference organized in Paris on 3-5 September 2008 by UNDP-DPI.
Report of the Conference >>>

CIVICUS Eighth World Assembly was realized in Glasgow

CIVICUS (World Alliance for Citizen Pariticipation) Eighth World Assembly was realized in Scotland Glasgow between the dates 17-21 June 2008. TUMIKOM General Coordinator Mr. Mustafa Durna attended the assembly and met with NGO representatives from different countries.
CIVICUS 2008 Report >>>

The Second Regular Board Meeting Realized

The Second Regular Board Meeting of TUMIKOM was realized on 15 June 2008 in the central office of TUMIKOM in İstanbul. In the Board Meeting activity report of Board of
Directors was presented and new board directors was elected.
Activity Report and List of New Board of
Directors >>>

TUMIKOM is five years old...

TUMIKOM became a national organization from local initiatives on 1 June 2003. This year, we celeberate the fifth anniversiary of national TUMIKOM organization. We would like to thank all of the members, volunteers and, supporters of TUMIKOM.
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TÜMİKOM met with the students from Denmark

On October 26 2006 TUMIKOM met with Political Science students from Arhus University Denmark.
Meeting with students from Denmark >>>

A preliminary activitiy in Voter-MP

A meeting was organized by voter coordination formed by supporters of Mehmet Ufuk Uras who
is TBMM 23rd Term İstanbul MP, Freedom and Solidarity Party (ODP) Leader. Regarding to the demand of "Ufuk Uras Voter Coordination" to TUMIKOM, a presentation was prepared by TUMIKOM about the activities of Ufuk Uras
and it was presented in the meeting.

TÜMİKOM Coordination Board met in Adana

2008/1 Coordination Board Meeting was realized in Adana. Beside the permanent members of coordination board, General Coordinator Mustafa Durna and TUMIKOM Denizli Volunteer Representative Fazlı Gurcan, TUMIKOM Edirne Volunteer Representative Cemile Ozeker and TUMIKOM Gaziantep Volunteer Representative Filiz Atalan attended the meeting as the rotative
members of Coordination Board. Other local representatives of TUMIKOM in the region were also invited to meeting; Adana, Hatay, Osmaniye and Mersin. Coordination Board meeting was held with participation of Adana Volunteer Representative Nevzat Buyurgan and Osmaniye Volunteer Representative Alper Güven

TUMIKOM Coordination Board met in Ankara

The fourt coordination board meeting in the new period was realized in Ankara. Beside the permanent members of coordination board, General Coordinator Mustafa Durna and TUMIKOM Denizli Volunteer Representative Fazlı Gurcan, TUMIKOM Edirne Volunteer Representative Cemile Ozeker and TUMIKOM Gaziantep Volunteer Representative Filiz Atalan attended the meeting as the rotative members of Coordination Board.

TUMIKOM met in Van

TUMIKOM new period Coordination Board meeting was held in Van on September 14, 2007. Besides the coordination board meeting, TUMIKOM commitee visited Van NGO's and also informed local press agencies about TUMIKOM projects. TÜMİKOM Van Meeting >>>

TUMIKOM Met with Press in Artvin

TUMIKOM Coordination Board Members and Representatives met with press in Artvin and stated TUMIKOM's activities to Artvin.
Artvin Press Meeting >>>


TUMIKOM announced the 4th National Report to public with a press statement in Ankara on July 12th, 2007. Report including the assembly activities of MPs in the 22nd Term 4th Legislative Year distributed to press and at the same time began to announced on the web site of TUMIKOM.
4th National Report of TUMIKOM >>>


8th Turkey Summit of TUMIKOM was realized
on 12-13 May 2007 in Antalya Sheraton Hotel.
The targets and project of TUMIKOM in the pre-election period and the role of the local representatives in developing projects were discussed by the local representatives of TUMIKOM and other guests.  News about the summit >>>

The Works and Projects of TUMIKOM Were Introduced in an International Meeting in Ankara

The introductory meeting of TUMIKOM, organized by NDI, was made in Ankara Ambassador Hotel on April 3, 2007. Meeting started after the lunch with the participation of 17 representatives of foreign bodies.
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The Meeting of Eastern and Southeastern Regions' Provinces Volunteer Representatives of TUMIKOM was Made in Mardin

TUMIKOM Eastern and Southeastern Regions' provinces volunteer representatives meeting was made in Mardin on 10-11 March. The meeting was made by the host of Mardin representative Musa GÖKÇEN with the contribution of 13 representatives in Mardin Artuklu Kervansaray Hotel. For more information >>>

"Strengthening Local Capacity Of TUMIKOM Workshop" was made on 25-26 November in Ankara

The workshop was made with the contribution
of Professional assistance of NDI and with the participation of 25 Volunteer Representatives
of TUMIKOM from different cities. In the workshop, an evaluation was made about what can be made in locally to work more effectively with the voters and the future works of
TUMIKOM. Evaluation of Workshop >>>

Third National Report of TUMIKOM about the 22nd Term 3rd Legislative Year of Turkish Great National Assembly has been announced
The Report of TUMIKOM about 22nd Term 3rd Legislative Year of TGNA >>> (.doc)


The workings of  TUMIKOM can be used by every association and person as long as referenced..